The District Parents’ Advisory Council (DPAC) is committed to involving parents/guardians in the public education system. We work co-operatively and collaboratively with all our partner groups which include: parents, principals, teachers, support staff and students.

The DPAC encourages networking in all schools in the North Okanagan Shuswap School District to learn and support one another with educational matters. Each PAC within School District 83 is automatically a member of DPAC. No membership fees apply!

The DPAC encourages individual school PACs to become members of  BCCPAC (British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils)  to have a strong voice at the Provincial Government level. Annual membership dues are $75.00.

Our Executive Team for 2020/21

  • President: Corryn Grayston
  • Vice President: Christy Wright
  • Treasurer: Christine Barbour
  • Secretary:  Sandy Thon
  • Director: Vacant
  • Director: Vacant

DPAC Roles

There are many roles that you can be a part of with DPAC.  Please see above for the people who are currently elected in some of these roles.  A brief description of each role is given below.  The information listed below is taken from

President/Chair:  Speaks on behalf of the council, consults with council members, presides at membership and executive meetings, ensures that an agena is prepared, appoints committees where authorized by the membership or executive, ensures that the council is represented in school and district activities, ensures that council activities are aimed at achieving the purposes set out in the constitution, and is a signing officer.

Vice President: Supports the president, assumes the duties of the president in the president’s absence or upon request, assists the president in the performance of his or her duties, accepts extra duties as required, and be a signing officer if required.

Treasurer:  Is a signing officer, ensures all funds of the council are properly accounted for, disburses funds as authorized by the membership or executive, ensures that proper financial records and books of account are maintained, make financial records and books of accounts available to members upon request, have the financial records and books of account ready for inspection or audit annually, with the assistance of the executive, draft an annual budget, ensure that another signing officer has access to the financial records and books of account in the treasurer’s absence, and submit an annual financial statement at the annual general meeting.

Secretary: Ensures that members are notified of meetings, records and files the minutes of all meetings, keeps an accurate copy of the constitution and bylaws, and make copies available to members upon request, prepare and maintain other documentation as requested by the membership or executive, issues and receives correspondence on behalf of the council, ensures safekeeping of all records of the council, keeps and accurate record of all PAC representatives, assists the president in providing information to local news media, and may be a signing officer if requested.

DPAC Representative: Attends DPAC meetings and represents, speaks, and votes on behalf of the school PAC, reports regularly to the membership and executive on all matters relating to DPAC, seeks and gives input to DPAC on behalf of the school PAC, receives, circulates, and posts DPAC communications.

DPAC Director: Serves in a capacity to be determined by the council at the time of election, and at other times as the council requires.

Committee Director/Member: Serves in a working committee to aide DPAC in special projects.

Past President:  Advises and supports the membership and executive, provides information about resources, contacts, and other matters.

Contact Us

Box 129
Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 4N2

P: 250-515-1868 (Corryn Grayston – mobile)